Services for Developers

Vhumbanani offers developers, property management services designed for the needs of new developments.

· Provide owners with important information regarding ownership & responsibility in HOA and sectional title schemes.
· Liasing with the conveyancer to establish database of registered owners.
· Assistance with the management of the property from the first occupation.
· Facilitate the handover of common property to the board of trustees/directors.
· Arrange insurance for the buildings including common property and related improvements.
· Advice on relevant property management issues, enforcement of rules, credit control policies, financial management etc.

· Open accounts with the local authorities and utility companies.
· Arrange quotes and appointment of the necessary service contractors and vendors for the maintenance and upkeep of the developement
· Arrange, give notice and facilitate the inaugural general meeting in line with the relevant legislation.
· Assist with the developer reconciliation account to be presented at the inaugural general meeting.
· Assist with the establishment and customisation of the house rules.
· Drafting the first year budget and projected levies.