Secretarial Duties

  • Attending quarterly Trustees / Directors Meetings on Mondays to Thursdays as agreed in advance, which meetings should start no later than 18h30 and end no later than 2 hours thereafter. Special General Meetings, Extra Trustee / Director meetings, or meetings to be held on Weekends, Public Holidays or evenings before Public Holidays will be charged for at the fee set out in Annexure B. (Contact us for more information regarding Annexure B).
  • Arranging and attending the Annual General Meeting. Preparing and dispatching the notices as required by the Act and Management Rules.
  • Advising the Trustees/Directors on procedural matters such as quorums, voting etc. Attending to the proxies, nominations etc.
  • Dispatching of correspondence to owners or other parties as instructed by the Trustees Directors.
  • Storing the minute books (Minutes must be provided by the Trustees / Directors to the Managing Agent as per the Act), attendance registers, Conduct Rules, Insurance Policies & all other permanent records of the Body Corporate / H.O.A as prescribed in the Sectional Title Act of 1986 (Amended).
  • Liaising with Attorneys regarding Clearance Certificates and Registrations.